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[ sheyk-uhp ]


  1. a thorough change in a business, department, or the like, as by dismissals, demotions, etc.

shake up


  1. to shake or agitate in order to mix
  2. to reorganize drastically
  3. to stir or rouse
  4. to restore the shape of (a pillow, cushion, etc)
  5. informal.
    to disturb or shock mentally or physically


  1. informal.
    a radical or drastic reorganization

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Word History and Origins

Origin of shake-up1

First recorded in 1900–05; noun use of verb phrase shake up

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Example Sentences

The firing of a new executive brought in to shake up the flailing show is getting dead-movie-star tabloid coverage.

The Grey Lady said that a series of badly mishandled global crises has “fueled speculation that Mr. Obama may shake up his team.”

That decision would shake up hundreds of state boards and associations.

Pope Francis also created a new authority in February to shake up the Vatican's own finances.

A new exhibit at the Met wants to shake up these stereotypes.

During the shake-up that followed, the aim of the two ruffians was disconcerted, and their shots went wild.

The request for her resignation from the other team had not specially troubled Robin, knowing that a shake-up was imminent.

And now they all went into fits of laughter, Addie with his silent convulsions, which made him shake up and down painfully.

It did everlastingly shake up the country around here, and lots of permanent springs went plumb dry and never run again.

When you appear to put the seed in the hat, break the thread and shake up the bouquets loosely, and they will nearly fill the hat.


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