or shake-down

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  1. extortion, as by blackmail or threats of violence.
  2. a thorough search: a shakedown of prison cells to uncover hidden drugs.
  3. a bed, as of straw or blankets, spread on the floor.
  4. any makeshift bed.
  5. the act or process of shaking down.
  6. Also called shakedown cruise, shakedown flight. a cruise or flight intended to prepare a new vessel or aircraft for regular service by accustoming the crew to its features and peculiarities, breaking in and adjusting machinery, etc.

Origin of shakedown

First recorded in 1490–1500; noun, adj. use of verb phrase shake down Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2018

Related Words for shakedown

blackmail, squeeze, exhortation, examination, search, probe, inquiry

Examples from the Web for shakedown

Contemporary Examples of shakedown

Historical Examples of shakedown

  • I'll come in later, and if they'll make me a shakedown, I'll stay with you to-night.


    Mary Roberts Rinehart

  • We'll scare you up a shakedown to sleep on and you're welcome as welcome.

  • You and I are to sleep here, Mary,” she said, “and Peter is to have a shakedown in the sitting-room.

    Peter Trawl

    W. H. G. Kingston

  • I assure you, my dear friends, it's a shakedown fit for a prince!

    Willy Reilly

    William Carleton

  • "He said he'd beg a shakedown at your house, Violet," George interrupted.

    Sonia Married

    Stephen McKenna