shalom aleichem

[ Sephardic Hebrew shah-lawm ah-le-khem; Ashkenazic Hebrew shaw-luh m ah-ley-khem, ah-ley-khem, shah-lohm ]
/ Sephardic Hebrew ʃɑˈlɔm ɑ lɛˈxɛm; Ashkenazic Hebrew ˈʃɔ ləm ɑˈleɪ xɛm, ɑ leɪˈxɛm, ʃɑˈloʊm /

interjection Hebrew.

peace to you: a conventional Jewish greeting, the reply being aleichem shalom.


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Definition for shalom aleichem (2 of 2)

[ ah-ley-khem ]
/ ɑˈleɪ xɛm /


Sho·lom [shaw-luh m] /ˈʃɔ ləm/or Sho·lem [shoh-lem, -luh m] /ˈʃoʊ lɛm, -ləm/or Sha·lom [shah-lohm] /ʃɑˈloʊm/, pen name of Solomon Rabinowitz,1859–1916, Russian author of Yiddish novels, plays, and short stories; in the U.S. from 1906. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2020

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shalom aleichem
/ Hebrew (ʃaˈlɔm aˈlexɛm, English ʃəˈlɒm əˈleɪxəm) /


peace be to you: used by Jews as a greeting or farewellOften shortened to: shalom

British Dictionary definitions for shalom aleichem (2 of 2)

/ (ɑːˈleɪçɛm) /


Sholom, real name Solomon Rabinowitz. 1859–1916, US Jewish writer, born in Russia. His works include Tevye the Milkman, which was adapted for the stage musical Fiddler on the Roof
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