[ sham-poo ]
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verb (used with object),sham·pooed, sham·poo·ing.
  1. to wash (the head or hair), especially with a cleaning preparation that does not leave a soap film.

  2. to clean (rugs, upholstery, or the like) with a special preparation.

  1. Archaic. to massage.

  1. the act of shampooing.

  2. a preparation used for shampooing, especially one that does not leave a soap film.

Origin of shampoo

1755–65; earlier champo to massage < an inflected form of Hindi cāmpnā literally, to press

Other words from shampoo

  • sham·poo·er, noun

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British Dictionary definitions for shampoo


/ (ʃæmˈpuː) /

  1. a liquid or cream preparation of soap or detergent to wash the hair

  2. a similar preparation for washing carpets, etc

  1. the process of shampooing

verb-poos, -pooing or -pooed
  1. (tr) to wash (the hair, etc) with such a preparation

Origin of shampoo

C18: from Hindi chāmpo, from chāmpnā to knead

Derived forms of shampoo

  • shampooer, noun

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