[ shangk ]
/ ʃæŋk /


verb (used with object)

Golf. to hit (a golf ball) with the base of the shaft of a club just above the club head, causing the ball to go off sharply to the right.

verb (used without object)

Chiefly Scot. to travel on foot.Compare shanks' mare.

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Idioms for shank

    shank of the evening, the main or best part of the evening: Don't leave yet—it's just the shank of the evening.

Origin of shank

before 900; Middle English (noun); Old English sc(e)anca; cognate with Low German schanke leg, thigh; akin to German Schenkel thigh, Schinken ham


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British Dictionary definitions for shank

/ (ʃæŋk) /



(intr) (of fruits, roots, etc) to show disease symptoms, esp discoloration
(tr) golf to mishit (the ball) with the foot of the shaft rather than the face of the club

Word Origin for shank

Old English scanca; related to Old Frisian schanke, Middle Low German schenke, Danish, Swedish skank leg
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Medicine definitions for shank

[ shăngk ]


The part of the human leg between the knee and ankle.
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