/ (ˈʃænˈsiː) /

  1. a variant transliteration of the Chinese name for Shanxi

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How to use Shansi in a sentence

  • Kung says the bones found in Tsin (South Shansi) that are hard are not good; the variegated ones possess virtue.

    Mythical Monsters | Charles Gould
  • At the present time, in Fan-cheu of Shansi, there is a cave in the mountains; in it are many cast bones and horns of dragons.

    Mythical Monsters | Charles Gould
  • Everywhere along the highroad and in the cities and villages of Shansi you see the opium face.

    Drugging a Nation | Samuel Merwin
  • It was with no small curiosity that I looked about in Shansi Province to see whether there seemed any likelihood of enforcement.

    Drugging a Nation | Samuel Merwin
  • Another cynical observer has said that “eleven out of ten Shansi men are opium-smokers.”

    Drugging a Nation | Samuel Merwin