[ sheypt ]
/ ʃeɪpt /


of a definite form, shape, or character (often used in combination): a U-shaped driveway.
designed to fit a particular form, body, or contour: a shaped garment.
Furniture. having other than a plane surface.

Origin of shaped

First recorded in 1530–40; shape + -ed2


well-shaped, adjective

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Origin of shape

before 900; (noun) Middle English; Old English gesceapu (plural); replacing dial. shap, Middle English; Old English gesceap (singular); cognate with Old Norse skap state, mood; (v.) Middle English; Old English sceapen (past participle); replacing Middle English sheppe, shippe, Old English sceppan, scyppan; cognate with German schaffen, Old Norse skepja, Gothic -skapjan to make


4 specter, illusion.
7 order, pattern.
8 order, situation.
14 mold, model.

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/ (ʃeɪp) /



Derived forms of shape

shapable or shapeable, adjectiveshaper, noun

Word Origin for shape

Old English gesceap, literally: that which is created, from scieppan to create; related to sceap sexual organs, Old Norse skap destiny, Old High German scaf form

British Dictionary definitions for shaped (2 of 2)

/ (ʃeɪp) /

n acronym for

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