[ shahrp-nohzd ]


  1. having a thin, pointed nose.
  2. having a sharp or projecting front:

    a sharp-nosed airplane.

  3. having a keen or sensitive sense of smell.

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Other Words From

  • sharp-nosed·ly [shahrp, -, nohzd, -lee, -, noh, -zid-], adverb
  • sharp-nosedness noun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of sharp-nosed1

First recorded in 1555–65
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Example Sentences

“You know they shut the schools for girls in Herat,” the sharp-nosed brunette said.

The face of the old woman alone peeped out from them; a yellow, wrinkled, sharp-nosed, toothless face.

A few razor-backed, long-legged, sharp-nosed porkers are the indispensable adjunct of well-regulated mountaineer families.

One of these, Scoliodon terræ-novæ, is the common sharp-nosed shark of our Carolina coast.

He had a sharp-nosed, wax-doll face with a golden yellow beard and eyes cast down in pious modesty, and he was smiling mawkishly.

We row down the lake, lazily and slowly, past rocky bays and sharp-nosed promontories, and low points pinnacled with firs.





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