informal a male-to-female transsexual

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  • Not that I'm followin' the she-male protectin' business regular.

    Shorty McCabe

    Sewell Ford

  • An' doesta think that far-learnt fowks i' colleges can't tell a he-male thro' a she-male as well as thee?

Word Origin and History for she-male

early 19c. U.S. colloquial, "a female, a woman," from she + male.

Davy Crockett's hand would be sure to shake if his iron was pointed within a hundred miles of a shemale. ["Treasury of American Folklore"]

This became obsolete, and by 1972 it had been recoined (disparagingly) for "masculine lesbian." The sense of "transsexual male" seems to date from c.1984.

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