[ sheef ]
/ ʃif /

noun, plural sheaves.

one of the bundles in which cereal plants, as wheat, rye, etc., are bound after reaping.
any bundle, cluster, or collection: a sheaf of papers.

verb (used with object)

to bind (something) into a sheaf or sheaves.

Origin of sheaf

before 900; Middle English shefe (noun), Old English schēaf; cognate with Dutch schoof sheaf, German Schaub wisp of straw, Old Norse skauf tail of a fox


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British Dictionary definitions for sheaf

/ (ʃiːf) /

noun plural sheaves (ʃiːvz)

a bundle of reaped but unthreshed corn tied with one or two bonds
a bundle of objects tied together
the arrows contained in a quiver


(tr) to bind or tie into a sheaf

Word Origin for sheaf

Old English sceaf, related to Old High German skoub sheaf, Old Norse skauf tail, Gothic skuft tuft of hair
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