/ (ʃɪəz) /

pl n
    • large scissors, as for cutting cloth, jointing poultry, etc

    • a large scissor-like and usually hand-held cutting tool with flat blades, as for cutting hedges

  1. any of various analogous cutting or clipping implements or machines

  1. short for sheerlegs

  2. off the shears Australian informal (of a sheep) newly shorn

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How to use shears in a sentence

  • The objects in the engraving are probably the shears, comb, ladle, and an unknown instrument used for cleansing wool.

    The Catacombs of Rome | William Henry Withrow
  • I have always thought of the shears by its Gaelic name, but it is past my power to spell it.

  • If you take a pair of shears, close and open them and then try to pronounce the sound you hear, you will have the Gaelic name.

  • Swiftly but carefully the shears went snipping along her back and down the sides.

  • It was doubtless a great improvement on the old shears—the kind that memory associates with boyish haircuts.