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verb (used with object),sheathed, sheath·ing.
  1. to put (a sword, dagger, etc.) into a sheath.

  2. to plunge (a sword, dagger, etc.) in something as if in a sheath.

  1. to enclose in or as if in a casing or covering.

  2. to cover or provide with a protective layer or sheathing: to sheathe a roof with copper.

  3. to cover (a cable, electrical connector, etc.) with a metal sheath for grounding.

Origin of sheathe

1350–1400; Middle English shethen, derivative of sheath

Other words from sheathe

  • sheather, noun

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British Dictionary definitions for sheathe


/ (ʃiːð) /

  1. to insert (a knife, sword, etc) into a sheath

  2. (esp of cats) to retract (the claws)

  1. to surface with or encase in a sheath or sheathing

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