[ shel-bee ]


  1. a city in S North Carolina.

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Example Sentences

With Shelby, in contrast, I had a hard time convincing myself that this was still true.

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There are many Shelby lightbulbs that have remained glowing for decades.

“Let’s get five tyrants out of office,” Shelby said at the microphone, referring to the Maricopa County supervisors, whom they hoped to recall from their positions.

Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito were in the majority of Shelby, and Chief Justice John Roberts wrote that opinion himself.

From Time

Within hours of Shelby’s retirement announcement Monday, the Alabama race was already looking like a Republican free-for-all.

Last year, the Supreme Court held in Shelby County v. Holder.

The bride, the former Shelby Drake, is a teacher and the daughter of a minister.

Sen. Richard Shelby of Alabama tried to catch Yellen in a gotcha.

“The South is not the same South it was in 1964,” said Frank Ellis, a Shelby County, Alabama, lawyer at the center of the case.

In 2012, she played Shelby in a traveling production of Steel Magnolias—in Ireland.

In a direct line between me and the warrior stood Shelby Cousin, his rifle bearing on the warrior.

Captain Evan Shelby assumed command and ordered the men to keep up the advance.

That night we buried Shelby Cousin on the bank of the Kanawha and built a fire over his grave to conceal it.

Somewhat nervous, Shelby walked to the door and hammered loudly upon it.

A strange thrill tingled and vibrated along Shelby's spine when he realized how alien was Alkebar.