shelf fungus

Any of various basidiomycete fungi that form shelflike carpophores (spore-bearing structures) on tree trunks or decaying wood. Also called bracket fungus
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Examples from the Web for shelf fungus

  • Burl laughed again as a particularly large lump of shelf-fungus narrowly missed the black-and-silver figure below.

    The Mad Planet|Murray Leinster
  • Then there was a tremor in the shelf-fungus on which he lay.

    The Forgotten Planet|Murray Leinster
  • The agglomeration of cranky, unseaworthy bits of shelf-fungus moved slowly out from the shore until the current caught it.

    The Red Dust|Murray Leinster
  • Then he felt himself drawn upward as the crayfish disgustedly released its hold and the shelf-fungus floated slowly upward.

    The Forgotten Planet|Murray Leinster