1. suffering from shell shock
  2. in a state of stunned confusion or shock; dazed

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Example Sentences

“God, please cure the regime,” says a shell-shocked Syrian woman.

Looking positively shell-shocked by now, she pleads her case to Bunky Odum.

Mikhail Stepanskiy, a 33-year-old techie born and raised in Kiev, is still shell-shocked.

Some wandered in a genial trance wearing the faraway, slightly shell-shocked look of the recently colonically irrigated.

When the towers fell, I was shell-shocked, struggling to find words.

We spent that night with some Signal Corps men in the cellar of a shell-shocked building in Varennes.

All about were soldiers; slightly wounded, gassed, shell-shocked, or just plain sick or exhausted.

Here and there shell-shocked boys sat weeping or moaning, and shaking with an ague.

Flanders had made no difference to national optimism, though the hospitals were crowded with blind and maimed and shell-shocked.

Horror has shell-shocked every one, civilians as well as fighting-men.





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