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[ shel-terd ]


  1. protected or shielded from storms, missiles, etc., by a wall, roof, barrier, or the like.
  2. protected from the troubles, annoyances, sordidness, etc., encountered in competitive situations:

    a sheltered life.

  3. (of a business or industry) enjoying noncompetitive conditions, as because of a protective tariff.
  4. of or relating to employment or housing, especially for persons with disabilities, in a noncompetitive, supervised environment.


/ ˈʃɛltəd /


  1. protected from wind or weather

    a sheltered garden

  2. protected from outside influences

    a sheltered upbringing

  3. (of buildings) specially designed to provide a safe environment for the elderly, handicapped, or disabled See also sheltered housing

    sheltered workshops for the blind

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Other Words From

  • self-sheltered adjective
  • un·sheltered adjective
  • well-sheltered adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of sheltered1

First recorded in 1585–95; shelter + -ed 2

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Example Sentences

Restaurants that had no outdoor space before the pandemic built elaborate and expansive patios and sheltered outdoor dining rooms this past year by annexing sidewalks and parking lots to provide socially distanced seating.

Everyday people with an extra bedroom and big heart can participate in programming to provide a short-term home to families who are just a few safe, sheltered nights from getting back on their feet.

During the day, place the pots outside in a sheltered area, away from the wind and afternoon sun.

Without this sheltered approach, she could expect a limited growing season from late May to early October.

Small weedy bays and sheltered areas are common places to look.

After all, radically purist ideologies need to be sheltered from the vagaries of the world, and they can be expensive to maintain.

I did this because my entire life was sheltered in a box, and I needed to figure it out.

In one story in this collection, a sheltered young boy witnesses the abduction of his neighbor and decides whether to intervene.

Maybe it is the sheltered liberals who are trying to have their Tea Nana and drink it too.

The baby would have been sheltered under the mother as the adults formed a protective circle, facing outward.

Half-fed men would dig for diamonds, and men sheltered by a crazy roof erect the marble walls of palaces.

He gave orders for the horses to be tethered a little distance in the rear of the camp, where they would be sheltered.

A trap-door had opened in the floor of his consciousness; his first, early love sheltered in his aching heart again.

It was the home that had sheltered her orphan childhood; she had never slept a night from under its moss-grown roof.

Anyway, our time was fully occupied in watching the brush-patch that sheltered our plundering friends.


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