Shemini Atzereth

or She·mi·ni A·tze·ret, She·mi·ni A·tze·res

[ shuh-mee-nee at-ser-es, -min-ee; Sephardic Hebrew she-mee-nee ah-tse-ret; Ashkenazic Hebrew shuh-mee-nee ah-tsey-ris ]
/ ʃəˈmi ni ætˈsɛr ɛs, -ˈmɪn i; Sephardic Hebrew ʃɛ miˈni ɑˈtsɛ rɛt; Ashkenazic Hebrew ʃəˈmi ni ɑˈtseɪ rɪs /


a Jewish festival celebrated on the 22nd day of Tishri, being the 8th day of Sukkoth: marked by a memorial service for the dead and prayers for rain in Israel.

Origin of Shemini Atzereth

First recorded in 1900–05, Shemini Atzereth is from the Hebrew word Shəmīnī ʿăṣereth literally, eighth meeting Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019