/ ˈʃɛpəd /


  1. SheppardJack17021724MEnglishCRIME AND POLICING: criminal Jack. 1702–24, English criminal, whose daring escapes from prison were celebrated in many contemporary ballads and plays

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Example Sentences

In October, he traveled to Denver with Fry to support his work with LGBT rights organization The Matthew Sheppard Foundation.

We agreed on the Sheppard Centre shopping mall in north Toronto because it was convenient.

“Our founder Juliet Lowe knew about outdoor education, for the girls to learn leadership, to work in a group,” says Sheppard.

“We used to have a lot more promotion of the camps, and a lot more troops went camping,” says Sheppard.

Sheppard, who deserves an award for candor in this war on comedy, responded to my Tweet, “Is Tea Party shutting down comedy now?”

The arts too, were busied in handing to posterity memoranda for us never to follow the example of Jack Sheppard.

The doctor would be on the rock by the time breakfast was ended and the letter to Mrs. Sheppard written.

Mrs. Sheppard had sent a portmanteau for Constance and Enid, so they, too, soon scurried below with the others.

Excepting my loyal servant and friend, Mrs. Sheppard, and the agent and solicitors of my estate, none knew of my whereabouts.

Mrs. Sheppard and the servant had retired to rest, worn out with the anxious uncertainties of events reported from the lighthouse.





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