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/ ʃiːldz /


  1. ShieldsCarol (Ann)19352003FCanadianWRITING: novelistWRITING: writer Carol ( Ann ). 1935–2003, Canadian novelist and writer, born in the US; her novels include Happenstance (1980), The Stone Diaries (1995), and Unless (2002)

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Example Sentences

The cap devices on thousands of identical hats glinted in the late morning sun along with the shields worn by each of the cops.

He used some of the captives as human shields and forced others to hold a black flag with white Arabic writing against the window.

Riot police eventually converged from the flanks, hundreds at first, then hundreds more, with shields and batons.

Like any good suspense novelist, Shields is a master of evasion and sleight-of-hand.

“It was as though she had veered, accidentally, into her own life,” writes Shields elsewhere.

In fact—on account of conditions beyond my choice and control—I spent too much time on the wrong side of the hull shields.

But even an age of war and pestilence could be observed without torment from behind the protective shields of the Time Machine.

The body shields of the head pass gradually into the dorsal plates.

Shields was eventually defeated and driven down the Shenandoah Valley.

Jackson then led his remaining forces north of Port Republic and encountered Shields there.


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