[ shur-lee ]


  1. James, 1596–1666, English dramatist.
  2. William, 1694–1771, English governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony 1741–56: urged assault on Louisburg.
  3. a city on the S shore of Long Island, in SE New York.
  4. a male or female given name: a family name taken from an Old English placename.

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Example Sentences

There are economical ways to communicate Shirley’s stature — like, say, calling her an authority on Jamaican cooking — without shrinking her next to Child.

From Eater

The Jamaican chef Norma Shirley was, depending on whom you asked, either “the Julia Child of Jamaica” or “the Julia Child of the Caribbean,” and the Times referred to Shirley as the former in December 2020, a decade after her death.

From Eater

Most of the adolescents hospitalized are unvaccinated, even though they are eligible to get the shots, Shirley says.

He said he nearly lost his career and his home before he kicked drugs, with the help of his wife, Shirley.

In his autobiography, Jones wrote about his wife, Shirley, wanting to keep him from driving down to the liquor store, so she hid the keys to all of their cars.

Ambassador Shirley Temple Black attributed this to the “deeply risk-averse psychology of the Czech people.”

The event also honored the election of African-American members of Congress, including Charles Rangel and Shirley Chisholm.

He vividly remembers Shirley Tilghman, then the president of Princeton, asking for his prediction.

It's been over half a century since Shirley Temple rose to fame and helped revolutionize protections for child actors.

Shirley Sotloff sounded as much a loving mom as was Mamie Till Bradley.

The grandfather of Lady Selina Shirley had twenty-seven children, her father being the second son.

The printed copy resembles Shirley's MS. so closely, that both seem to have been derived from a common source.

Among their companions were the two nephews of Mrs. Shirley, whom they had assisted at the fords in March.

This prowess and tenderness of Shirley's is an old story to us.

She, too, had Shirley's taste for the management of business.





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