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noun, plural shit·tim [shit-im] /ˈʃɪt ɪm/, shit·tahs.
  1. a tree, said to be an acacia, probably Acacia seyal, that yielded the shittim wood of the Old Testament.
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Origin of shittah

First recorded in 1605–15, shittah is from the Hebrew word shiṭṭāh

shittim wood

  1. the wood, probably acacia, of which the ark of the covenant and various parts of the tabernacle were made. Ex. 25, 26.
  2. the cascara, Rhamnus purshiana.
  3. false buckthorn.
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Origin of shittim wood

1580–90; < Hebrew shiṭṭīm, plural of shiṭṭāh (see shittah)
Also called shit·tim.
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British Dictionary definitions for shittim's


noun plural shittim (ˈʃɪtɪm) or shittahs
  1. a tree mentioned in the Old Testament, thought to be either of two Asian acacias, Acacia seyal or A. tortilis, having close-grained yellow-brown wood
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Word Origin for shittah

C17: from Hebrew shittāh; related to Egyptian sout acacia

shittim wood

  1. Old Testament a kind of wood, probably acacia, from which the Ark of the Covenant and parts of the tabernacle were made
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Word Origin for shittim wood

C14: from Hebrew shittīm, plural of shittah
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