[ shiv-uh-ree ]
/ 藢蕛瑟v 蓹藞ri /
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a mock serenade with kettles, pans, horns, and other noisemakers given for a newly married couple.
Informal. an elaborate, noisy celebration.
verb (used with object), shiv路a路reed, shiv路a路ree路ing.
to serenade with a shivaree.
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Also charivari .

Origin of shivaree

First recorded in 1800鈥10, Americanism; alteration of Mississippi Valley French, French charivari charivari
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What is a聽shivaree?

Shivaree is the Dictionary.com Word of the Day for October 21, 2021, in honor of the world premiere of Shivaree: Fantasy for Trumpet and Orchestra, a piece of classical music by Steven Mackey being debuted by the Los Angeles Philharmonic and conductor Gustavo Dudamel.

Shivaree: Fantasy for Trumpet and Orchestra is a composition for solo trumpet and orchestra made up of 12 movements, each of which was written as a musical interpretation of different words discovered through the Dictionary.com Word of the Day. As Mackey himself explained:

“Two little rituals became part of my daily life. I was getting notifications on my phone every morning with the ‘Word of the Day’ from Dictionary.com and my 10-year-old daughter would wander into my study, sit down at the piano, and say, ‘Give me a word.’ She would play an improvisation inspired by those words, which led me to decide to take some of the more unusual and evocative ‘Words of the Day’ as points of departure for my Trumpet Fantasy.鈥

The other Word of the Day-inspired movements in the piece are chthonian, erumpent, tintinnabulation, exonumia, requiescat, deipnosophist, omphaloskepsis, horripilation, deliquesce, and apopemptic.

Learn more about Shivaree, Steven Mackey, and the art of the musical interpretation of Dictionary.com鈥檚 Words of the Day here.

How to use shivaree in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for shivaree

/ (藢蕛瑟v蓹藞ri藧) /

noun US and Canadian
a discordant mock serenade to newlyweds, made with pans, kettles, etc
a confused noise; din
Also (esp dialect): charivari
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