shock tube

  1. an apparatus in which a gas is heated to very high temperatures by means of a shock wave, usually for spectroscopic investigation of the natures and reactions of the resulting radicals and excited molecules

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How to use shock tube in a sentence

  • The Rogan leader, two of his surviving arms propping feebly against the bench, was pointing a shock-tube squarely at him!

  • While the Rogan leader was still several feet away, she retrieved the shock-tube.

  • A panicky policeman triggered it, firing his Aztlan-built shock tube into the forefront of the mob.

    Assassin | Jesse Franklin Bone
  • With a cry, Dex dashed the useless shock-tube down on the reaching arms.

  • As he walked he kept his gaze covertly on that shock-tube that dangled in the leader's grasp.