shoot straight

Also, shoot square. Deal fairly and honestly, as in You can't trust most car salesmen, but Jim always shoots straight, or We always shoot square with our customers. These colloquial terms use straight and square in the sense of “straightforward and honest,” and shoot in the sense of “deal with.”

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How to use shoot straight in a sentence

  • It might shoot straight on, over the lip, into the wavering curtain of spray and vanish into the horror of the cauldron.

    The Backwoodsmen | Charles G. D. Roberts
  • There was no use in trying to get away; the Royal North-West are empowered to shoot, and, as a rule, shoot straight.

    Northwest! | Harold Bindloss
  • There's shooting and shooting, and you've got to shoot straight.

    The Amateur Army | Patrick MacGill
  • Happily, he had been too drunk or too tremulous to shoot straight.

    The Quickening | Francis Lynde