shop around

verb(intr, adverb) informal
  1. to visit a number of shops or stores to compare goods and prices

  2. to consider a number of possibilities before making a choice

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How to use shop around in a sentence

  • “We shop around and do our best to find the cheapest food to make it last,” says Samr.

  • But anyway I'm sending it to that shop around the corner in the street below you, and they'll hold it there to your order.

    Bunker Bean | Harry Leon Wilson
  • That was plain in his mind—little old last year's thing—at that shop around the corner.

    Bunker Bean | Harry Leon Wilson
  • At the other side of the shop around the corner was a doorway in which sat a woman with a basket of fruit for sale.

  • But rather to his annoyance he learned that it had been sent to Laura by the old Galician Jew in the shop around the corner.

    His Family | Ernest Poole
  • In a music shop around the corner Jeanne purchased a small statue of a very great dancer.

    Third Warning | Roy J. Snell

Other Idioms and Phrases with shop around

shop around

Look for the best bargain, opportunity, or the like, as in This job offers only minimum wage so she decided to shop around for one with better pay. This expression alludes to looking in different stores in search of bargains or a particular item. [c. 1920]

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