[ shop-fool ]

noun,plural shop·fuls.
  1. the contents of a shop.

  2. a quantity sufficient to fill a shop.

Origin of shopful

First recorded in 1630–40; shop + -ful

usage note For shopful

See -ful.

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How to use shopful in a sentence

  • If a cannon had been fired close to her ear, or a shopful of glass had been broken, she could not have been more alarmed.

  • Big lumps of solid gold, what'll buy a whole shopful of toys, and tons of best London mixture and marzipan.

  • It was like you, Ben, when you did remember, to bring me the whole shopful.

  • Much of the gentle wisdom which her father preached to the little shopful of listeners Yetta did not fully understand.

    Comrade Yetta | Albert Edwards
  • Nor did she mean to voice her wishes before a shopful of people who might consider them ambiguous.

    The Wrong Twin | Harry Leon Wilson