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[ shoh-keys ]


  1. a glass case for the display and protection of articles in shops, museums, etc.
  2. an exhibit or display, usually of an ideal or representative model of something.
  3. the setting, place, or vehicle for displaying something on a trial basis:

    The club is a showcase for new comics.

verb (used with object)

, show·cased, show·cas·ing.
  1. to exhibit or display.
  2. to present in or as if in an entertainment showcase:

    The bar showcases young jazz pianists.

  3. to show to best advantage:

    The part minimizes her acting ability and showcases her singing.

  4. to present as a special event:

    The TV network plans to showcase a new production of the play.


  1. prominently or proudly regarded or presented:

    a showcase city.


/ ˈʃəʊˌkeɪs /


  1. a glass case used to display objects in a museum or shop
  2. a setting in which anything may be displayed to best advantage


  1. tr to exhibit or display


  1. displayed or meriting display as in a showcase
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Word History and Origins

Origin of showcase1

First recorded in 1830–40; show + case 2
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Example Sentences

They showcase their eCommerce or software expertise in the value proposition, so you know where they stand.

One show on NTWRK, for example, featured jeweler Ben Baller, who showcased a $175 gold plated scale from his collection.

From Digiday

This means that, while you’re probably already competing against other businesses in the search results, you might also be competing against yourself and not showcasing your best work.

She’s helped her friends make Carrds, created LGBTQ resources with Carrds, and even created Carrds to showcase her art for school projects.

Today it unveils a website, Primer Labs, that showcases three NLP systems it built in the past year and allows anyone to upload any text to play around with the tech.

From Fortune

In the film, Foxx is able to showcase his singing, knack for comedy and all-around versatility.

They are striking, incredibly elaborate, and they showcase the work of some of the most gifted artists in the world.

Did you feel like, with Hello Ladies, you wanted your own showcase—your own Curb, so to speak?

Bringing women leaders who are changing the world to our state to showcase them.

A Fox News contributor went so far as to showcase the many brands of boot available to our troops.

One day the customer came in as usual, laid his nickel on the showcase, and called for his stale loaves.

As he said this the poor fellow broke down, bowed his head on the showcase, and cried like a child.

Little Jim scampered across the aisle and stood on tiptoe peering into a showcase.

Lapin demanded as he strode up to the showcase and pulled out the costume indicated by Elkan.

Lapin paused in his progress toward his office and even as he did so Elkan's eyes strayed to a glass-covered showcase.





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