/ (ʃaʊd) Northeast Scot dialect /


(intr) to rock or sway to and fro
(tr) to rock (a baby in one's arms or in a pram)


a rocking motion

Word Origin for showd

from Old English scūdan to shake
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Examples from the Web for showd

  • I was showd up to the visters gallary, so as I culd get a good vue of the fite wot was goin on tween the grangers and coalers.

    The Bad Boy At Home|Walter T. Gray
  • I was in de war wid my marster, an' he showd good blood to de Yankees.

    Unfettered|Sutton E. Griggs
  • I had to put a reef in crinny line, cos it showd, and it tuk ma's pach-wurk quilt to mak my bussel big enuf for stile.

    The Bad Boy At Home|Walter T. Gray