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[ shoh-doun ]


  1. the laying down of one's cards, face upward, in a card game, especially poker.
  2. a conclusive settlement of an issue, difference, etc., in which all resources, power, or the like, are used; decisive confrontation:

    An international showdown was inevitable.

    Synonyms: clash, encounter, climax, crisis


/ ˈʃəʊˌdaʊn /


  1. informal.
    an action that brings matters to a head or acts as a conclusion or point of decision
  2. poker the exposing of the cards in the players' hands on the table at the end of the game

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Word History and Origins

Origin of showdown1

An Americanism dating back to 1880–85; show + down 1

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Example Sentences

The Super Bowl had been hyped as one for the ages, a showdown between two star QBs.

In the Sacramento Report, Sara Libby reports on a major showdown between teachers and the governor.

The first component to setting up just the third all-time meeting between the schools unfolded when the Bulldogs revealed this month that one player and one staff member tested positive, leading to a postponement of their showdown with No.

This led to a showdown last fall with the United Auto Workers, and the biggest auto-industry strike in a decade.

Sunday’s other standout offensive performance was submitted by Titans running back Derrick Henry, who trampled the Indianapolis Colts for 178 rushing yards and a trio of touchdowns as Tennessee won a key divisional showdown.

Gordon G. Chang is a columnist and the author of Nuclear Showdown: North Korea Takes On the World.

Regardless of how the showdown ends, it does serve a very clear signal of what the political climate will be in the next Congress.

Instead, it would set the stage for a massive showdown in February, when Republicans would control both the House and the Senate.

The ambiguity revolving around the event made it a poor candidate for a final showdown.

With Donetsk now encircled, the stage is set for a final and potentially very bloody urban showdown.

For the trade was not unduly worried as to the outcome in the event of a showdown.

One day they waited for him and brought matters to a showdown.

Then he'd have a two-gun showdown with those men like Sawtell and Lombard and the worthless cousins.

Maybe there was a showdown—and the wind-up of it is that Nick comes home meek as a six-year-old broke down in front.

But suppose this was a showdown between Lumbrilo and Asaki—whose side would these men take?


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