[ shrahy-ver ]


  1. (Robert) Sar·gent, Jr. [sahr, -j, uh, nt], 1915–2011, U.S. businessman and government official: first director of the U.S. Peace Corps, 1961–66.

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Example Sentences

All three are superb movers and quickly put their opponent on defense, Shriver said.

The trio also boasts a strong sense of belief, Shriver said.

Elizabeth Holmes, founder of blood-testing company Theranos, indicted on wire fraud chargesJust two weeks after Holmes’s interview with Shriver, the Wall Street Journal published an article saying the technology wasn’t working as advertised.

To make it work, Shriver said, they must view it as an investment that will pay dividends later in their career — whether in terms of a fresh perspective or a change in technique.

The satisfaction experienced by high-performance companies did not surprise Shriver at all.

Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger have been negotiating their divorce for the last three years.

Patrick Schwarzenegger (son of Arnold and Maria Shriver) scored a one-time gig as the face of Hudson jeans.

In the latest edition of the "Shriver Report", Beyonce declares that "Gender equality is a myth!"

Maria Shriver left journalism after covering Arnold Schwarzenegger on the campaign trail.

Shriver was in the rear, and in the greatest trepidation for the safety of the President.

While in the midst of his examination, Miss Branson, accompanied by a Mr. Shriver, came in.

Ill stand up against them, declared Shriver, if I have to be carried off the field in a wheelbarrow.

I told you, Shriver, that you didnt pay enough attention to your training and kept too late hours.

I found quite large specimens around a swamp in Mr. Shriver's woods near Chillicothe, but they were too far gone to photograph.