[ sib ]
/ sɪb /


related by blood; akin.


a kinsman; relative.
one's kin or kindred.
Anthropology. a unilateral descent group.

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Origin of sib

before 900; Middle English sib(e), sibb(e), Old English sib(b) (orig. adj.); cognate with Old Norse sifjar (plural) relatives, Old Frisian sib (adj.), sibba (noun), Middle Dutch sibbe (noun and adj.), German Sippe kin; cf. gossip Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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British Dictionary definitions for sib


/ (sɪb) /


a blood relative
a brother or sister; sibling
kinsmen collectively; kindred
any social unit that is bonded by kinship through one line of descent only

Word Origin for sib

Old English sibb; related to Old Norse sifjar relatives, Old High German sippa kinship, Latin suus one's own; see gossip


abbreviation for (in Britain)

(the former) Securities and Investments Board
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short for sibling, attested from 1957.

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Medicine definitions for sib


[ sĭb ]


A blood relation; a relative.
A person's relatives when considered as a group; kinfolk.
A brother or sister; a sibling.


Related by blood; kindred.

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