/ (sɪxt) /

noun, verb
  1. a Scot word for sight

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How to use sicht in a sentence

  • It was a fine gay sicht—aloon i' th' sky, he ventured into the air-r-lions' den.

    Tam O' The Scoots | Edgar Wallace
  • She was baith bonny and guid, and pleasant to the hert as to the sicht: she wad hae saved me gien I had been true til her!

    Salted With Fire | George MacDonald
  • Ye hinnae as muckle o' the sicht as wad let ye see when Leevie was makin' a gowk o' ye to gar ye hang oot signals for her auld jo.

    Doom Castle | Neil Munro
  • I'm some feart for him whiles, noo 'at he's sae muckle oot o' oor sicht.

    Heather and Snow | George MacDonald
  • Keep on seekin' Him, and ye'll surely get a sicht o' His face or lang.

    Morag | Janet Milne Rae