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  1. Yoga. a miraculous power imparted by the late stages of intense meditation.Pali iddhi.
  2. Buddhism. any occult power acquired through discipline.
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Origin of siddhi

From Sanskrit
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Historical Examples of siddhi

  • In the siddhi body we meditate and serve it, and in the next birth we gain Radha-Krishna's feet by being born as sakhis.

    Chaitanya's Life And Teachings

    Krishna das Kaviraja

  • Bhang, the Hindustani siddhi or sabzi, consists of the dried leaves and small stalks of the hemp; a few fruits occur in it.

  • The deity was summoned by the rites already described and the object of the performer was to obtain magical powers or siddhi.

  • The object of it is Siddhi or success, the highest form of which is spiritual perfection.

  • The Puri, when attaining to siddhi (death) told me to go and serve Krishna-Chaitanya.

    Chaitanya's Life And Teachings

    Krishna das Kaviraja