[ sid-uh-rahyt ]

  1. Also called chalybite. a common mineral, iron carbonate, FeCO3, usually occurring in yellowish to deep-brown cleavable masses: a minor ore of iron.

  2. a meteorite consisting almost entirely of metallic minerals.

Origin of siderite

1570–80, in sense “loadstone”; 1845–50 for def. 1; sider- + -ite1; in obsolete sense, variant of siderites<Latin sidērītēs<Greek sidērī́tēs loadstone

Other words from siderite

  • sid·er·it·ic [sid-uh-rit-ik], /ˌsɪd əˈrɪt ɪk/, adjective

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How to use siderite in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for siderite


/ (ˈsaɪdəˌraɪt) /

  1. Also called: chalybite a pale yellow to brownish-black mineral consisting chiefly of iron carbonate in hexagonal crystalline form. It occurs mainly in ore veins and sedimentary rocks and is an important source of iron. Formula: FeCO 3

  2. a meteorite consisting principally of metallic iron

Derived forms of siderite

  • sideritic (ˌsaɪdəˈrɪtɪk), adjective

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