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[ sahy-tid ]


  1. having functional vision; not blind.
  2. having a particular type of eyesight or perception (used in combination):

    sharp-sighted; clear-sighted.


/ ˈsaɪtɪd /


  1. possessing the ability to see
  2. in combination having sight of a specified kind


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Other Words From

  • half-sighted adjective
  • half-sighted·ly adverb
  • half-sighted·ness noun
  • under·sighted adjective
  • un·sighted adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of sighted1

First recorded in 1545–55; sight + -ed 3
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Example Sentences

Yet director Garret Price’s film, thankfully, isn’t that narrow-sighted.

If the machine was hacked to say you voted for candidate A when the ballot says you voted for candidate B, for instance, all the sighted voters would notice it.

On Thursday, an open letter signed by actors including Hugh Grant and Michael Sheen and writers including Neil Gaiman and Hilary Mantel called for an end to “short-sighted political and financial attacks” on public-funded broadcasting.

From Time

Residents have also successfully turned to the courts to challenge the board’s short-sighted planning decisions.

I believe that they are too short-sighted and they do not lend themselves to building real communications infrastructure that talks to voters every day, every daywhich is what we need.

Jay Z, Leonardo DiCaprio (also in Miami, sighted leaving a club with 20 women), and Owen Wilson are all dedicated art collectors.

We are lucky that so many were, like Lange, smart, even-handed, and far-sighted.

It was the result of a chain of good decisions—wise, prudent, long-sighted, or, at the least, expedient choices.

He is sighted just off-stage, harried look on his face, occasionally smiling.

Shooting is permitted only from the allotted spot, from the moment the birds are sighted to the one they disappear.

Three days before these tempests commenced they sighted the capitana, but never saw her again.

To far-sighted philosophers, indeed, this was a state of things long foreshown.

Two or three small parties of guerrillas had been sighted, but they took to the brush at the sight of the Federals.

They sighted the port of Cavite in order to reconnoiter the strength of the fleet stationed there.

As we were leaving, a message came in to say that an enemy submarine had been sighted off Gaba Tepe.





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