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[sig-nif-i-kuh nt]
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  1. important; of consequence.
  2. having or expressing a meaning; indicative; suggestive: a significant wink.
  3. Statistics. of or relating to observations that are unlikely to occur by chance and that therefore indicate a systematic cause.
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  1. something significant; a sign.
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Origin of significant

1570–80; < Latin significant- (stem of significāns), present participle of significāre to signify; see -ant
Related formssig·nif·i·cant·ly, adverbnon·sig·nif·i·cant, adjectivenon·sig·nif·i·cant·ly, adverbsu·per·sig·nif·i·cant, adjectivesu·per·sig·nif·i·cant·ly, adverbun·sig·nif·i·cant, adjectiveun·sig·nif·i·cant·ly, adverb


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1. consequential, momentous, weighty. 2. See expressive.
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  1. having or expressing a meaning; indicative
  2. having a covert or implied meaning; suggestive
  3. important, notable, or momentous
  4. statistics of or relating to a difference between a result derived from a hypothesis and its observed value that is too large to be attributed to chance and that therefore tends to refute the hypothesis
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Derived Formssignificantly, adverb

Word Origin

C16: from Latin significāre to signify
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1570s, "having a meaning," from Latin significantem (nominative significans, present participle of significare "make known, indicate" (see signify). Earlier in the same sense was significative (c.1400). Often "having a special or secret meaning," hence "important" (1761). Related: Significantly. Significant figure is from 1680s. Significant other (n.) attested by 1961, in psychology, "the most influential other person in the patient's world."

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