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[ suhg-jes-tiv, suh- ]


  1. that suggests; referring to other thoughts, persons, etc.:

    His recommendation was suggestive of his boss's thinking.

  2. rich in suggestions or ideas:

    a suggestive critical essay.

  3. evocative; presented partially rather than in detail.
  4. that suggests or implies something improper or indecent; risqué;

    suggestive remarks.


/ səˈdʒɛstɪv /


  1. postpositivefoll byof conveying a hint (of something)

    this painting is suggestive of a hot summer day

  2. tending to suggest something improper or indecent
  3. able or liable to suggest an idea, plan, etc

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Derived Forms

  • sugˈgestiveness, noun
  • sugˈgestively, adverb

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Other Words From

  • sug·gestive·ly adverb
  • sug·gestive·ness noun
  • nonsug·gestive adjective
  • nonsug·gestive·ly adverb
  • nonsug·gestive·ness noun
  • presug·gestive adjective
  • unsug·gestive adjective
  • unsug·gestive·ly adverb
  • unsug·gestive·ness noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of suggestive1

First recorded in 1625–35; suggest + -ive

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Example Sentences

The references to Igbo Landing, whether blatant or suggestive at best, go even further back.

From Vox

Even with nudity bans in place, TikTok users can get pretty suggestive — and there is no denying the popularity of thirst-trap videos on the app.

From Ozy

The theory follows Carlson’s well-established style of asking extremely suggestive questions with little basis in evidence — and which are easily disputed — and then treating the answers he likes as fact to build a narrative he prefers.

All of these things are working together, and I think all of these things are suggestive of who is considered to be disposable in the United States.

From Time

That appears to have been the tipping point for a number of his associates to come forward with allegations of toxicity and abuse — and inappropriate touching or suggestive language.

Sexual harassment is a broad term that can cover everything from suggestive looks, to orders to dress sexier for work, to rape.

Apparently, the sexually suggestive choreography and aggressive twerking was viewed as a threat to the Latin American nation.

The trajectories of these numbers are suggestive and correlate with other things we know.

They may be leading or suggestive questions, but they must be questions.

At age 13, she began posting suggestive photos of herself on the internet, and her growing fanbase pushed her for more.

Blood-streaked sputum is strongly suggestive of tuberculosis, and is more common in the early stages than later.

The costumes were exceedingly grotesque and suggestive of the New rather than of the Old World.

After all, Garnache's appearance was hardly suggestive of the role of Perseus which had been thrust upon him.

Dr. Wilson says, in the statistical accounts of Scotland, many of which are suggestive of a pre-Raleigh period.

But it is certainly suggestive and interesting, and I will cause inquiry in this direction to be set on foot at once.


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When To Use

What are other ways to say suggestive?

Something that is suggestive refers to other thoughts or persons. Do you know when to use suggestive over its synonyms expressive, meaningful, and significant? Find out on