[ seen-yaw-ree-nuh; Italian see-nyaw-ree-nah ]

noun,plural si·gno·ri·nas, Italian si·gno·ri·ne [see-nyaw-ree-ne]. /ˌsi nyɔˈri nɛ/.
  1. a conventional Italian term of address or title of respect for a girl or unmarried woman, either used separately or prefixed to the name.

Origin of signorina

1810–20; <Italian; diminutive of signorasignora; see -ine1

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How to use signorina in a sentence

  • This is a second-class ticket, signorina,” he observes, “and you are in first class.

  • "I trust that the signorina Leithcourt has explained the story of the yacht and its crew," Olinto remarked.

    The Czar's Spy | William Le Queux
  • All this was said so simply that it was quite impossible to suspect signorina Colomba of the smallest poetic vanity.

    Columba | Prosper Merimee
  • They say—you'll excuse me, signorina—that when they quarrel, your compatriots don't show each other very much mercy.

    Columba | Prosper Merimee
  • And so the signorina have become a real business-personage, helping 'brother' to build the best organs in the world.

    Katharine Frensham | Beatrice Harraden
  • The play is to be acted in part by noble amateurs, and the signorina herself will take the principal part.

    Romance of Roman Villas | Elizabeth W. (Elizbeth Williams) Champney

British Dictionary definitions for signorina


/ (ˌsiːnjɔːˈriːnə, Italian siɲɲoˈrina) /

nounplural -nas or -ne (Italian -ne)
  1. an unmarried Italian woman: a title of address equivalent to Miss when placed before a name or madam or miss when used alone

Origin of signorina

Italian, diminutive of signora

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