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/ ˈsaɪlənst /


  1. (of a clergyman) forbidden to preach or perform his clerical functions

    a silenced priest

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Example Sentences

When I think of the many rape victims who never come forward, who have been silenced in the same fashion, I am saddened.

Bowman did not immediately report to the police because she felt as though she would be re-victimized and silenced.

Many out athletes found their voices silenced by coercion contracts many of their home countries gave them.

Yet his liberal voice was too often silenced on War on Terror issues.

Being silenced goes completely against what I believe in and offers no protection for other vulnerable children.

He silenced her with a gesture, and, leaving a piece of toast half-eaten on his plate, he got up and went into his study.

And since nobody answered, Jolly Robin seemed to think he had silenced Mrs. Robin—for once.

"I'se 'most as ole as Miss Dory when lill chile was born," was the reply, which silenced the Colonel with regard to her age.

The clamor of the mob silenced the Girondists, and they hardly made an attempt to speak in their defense.

As to the new scheme respecting the Netherlands, he shrewdly propounded a dilemma which silenced Pomponne and Torcy.





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