[ sil-ves-ter ]

  1. a male given name: from a Latin word meaning “of the woodland.”

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How to use Silvester in a sentence

  • In his youth Silvester was a monk, but he deserted the monastery, and became a follower of the devil.

  • Desirous to know how long he would reign, Silvester betook himself to the devil for information.

  • A few years after this information, Silvester imprudently went to the Holy City, where he was suddenly seized with fever.

  • Ivan's favorites, Silvester and Adachef had grown ambitious and the former especially was overbearing.

    The Story of Russia | R. Van Bergen, M.A.
  • When Ivan's favorite son died, Silvester told him that it was a punishment from heaven for his disobedience.

    The Story of Russia | R. Van Bergen, M.A.