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/ ˈsɪmbə /


  1. an E African word for lion

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Word History and Origins

Origin of simba1


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Example Sentences

A Simba commander yelled the order and anxious rebels began ricocheting bullets into the fleeing group.

In 1964, Kabila had been a Simba leader, and Mobutu had commanded the Congolese army.

A Simba soldier passed twice in front of the glass door and left, failing to spot the stowaways.

Elton John reportedly rejected that idea, which is how the now-famous love scene between Simba and Nala came to be.

“Everything you see exists together in a delicate balance,” he says to Simba.

In the early hours of morning, we stopped at Simba, the "Place of Lions," where the station-master has many lion scares even now.

Simba led the rout and the head-priest brought up the rear, skipping along upon one leg.

With a slow, steady pull he dragged Simba from the chair so that he fell upon the ground near his left foreleg.

Our carriage stopped upon a siding at Simba Station for three days, in order that we might more closely examine the local fauna.

The country all around is devastated, and Arab force is at Simba's.


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