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simmer down


  1. informal.
    intr to grow calmer or quieter, as after intense rage or excitement
  2. tr to reduce the volume of (a liquid) by boiling slowly
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Idioms and Phrases

Become calm after anger or excitement, as in Simmer down, Mary; I'm sure he'll make it up to you , or I haven't time to look at your report now, but I will when things have simmered down a bit . This idiom derives from simmer in the sense of “cook at low heat, below the boiling point.” [Second half of 1800s]
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Example Sentences

What might help the public simmer down, rather depressingly, is the appointment of an oil spill czar.

Well, we'll simmer down when the turn comes, and though I'm piling up dollars, I'll be thankful.

With that some several policemen run up, and I had to simmer down.

At this the righteous exaltation began rather abruptly to simmer down in the soul of Alonzo Rawson.

It'll simmer down and work out, I expect, to a bad quarrel you had with Karen that's parted you.

Miss Phillips was too wise to call a Scout meeting immediately; she wanted to give the discussion a chance to simmer down.


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