simple syrup


  1. a thick, sweet liquid, usually prepared from sugar and water and used chiefly as a base for soda fountain flavors.

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Add your favorite fresh herb, and you have an herbal simple syrup.

Sometimes you’ll find recipes that tell you to make a simple syrup, but Polzine prefers to add the sugar directly to the fruit puree or liquid instead of heating it up to dissolve.

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Demerara sugar, a darker variety with molasses notes, is available at many grocery stores, but you can substitute turbinado or regular light brown sugar in making this thicker, richer version of simple syrup.

Sharbat also refers to the simple syrup to sweeten the pakhlava, versus the honey used by some other countries.

He makes me a 20's Sazerac with Jack Daniels, Peychaud's Bitters, simple syrup, and local Tigre de la Ira absinthe.

Use a thicker simple syrup made with one part water and one part sugar.

The simple syrup really makes a difference with these apple chips.

The Gunpowder green tea simple syrup adds complexity, and the hopped bitters add a whiff of cannabis.

Simple syrup, eight large tablespoonfuls; aromatic spirits of ammonia, one and a-half teaspoonfuls.

Add to simple Syrup, colored a delicate pink with Carmine, a sufficient quantity of extract Catawba to suit taste.

Simple syrup, or a concentrated solution of sugar in water, flavoured with orange-flower water, or some other similar aromatic.

It is usually exhibited dissolved in distilled water, either with or without the addition of a little simple syrup.

These may be served with a simple syrup in place of pancakes or waffles.


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