/ (ˈsɪmjʊˌleɪtɪd) /

  1. (of fur, leather, pearls, etc) being an imitation of the genuine article, usually made from cheaper material

  2. (of actions, qualities, emotions, etc) imitated; feigned

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How to use simulated in a sentence

  • He knew perfectly well that the dreadful laugh was not simulated, and he was quite aware of the appropriate remedies.

  • In the summer, with the Big Top, I often simulated the ringmaster to make announcements from the center ring.

    David Lannarck, Midget | George S. Harney
  • Here a sort of panel, cut square, and covered with round embossments in various positions, simulated a vague bas-relief.

    Toilers of the Sea | Victor Hugo
  • Long trails of a pale tint simulated upon the water the folds of a winding-sheet.

    Toilers of the Sea | Victor Hugo
  • The chums looked up from their books with well simulated surprise.

    Radio Boys Loyalty | Wayne Whipple