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[ sahy-muhl-tuh-nee-i-tee, -ney-, sim-uhl- ]


  1. the state or quality of existing, occurring, or operating at the same time:

    The simultaneity of the two events was established by checking timestamps on recordings.

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Example Sentences

That would require a simultaneous effort, in the United States and around the world.

From Vox

Amid simultaneous public health and economic crises, the need to create long-term solutions that support caregivers and their families is urgent.

From Fortune

This is especially relevant now as new research indicates excitement around “digital twins” — in which a live physical event features a simultaneous virtual event, doubling as an option for consumers to attend instead.

From Digiday

She always referred to Joe as “The Bum,” which she would accompany with a simultaneous head snap and thumb point in his direction.

From Ozy

The simultaneous eruptions in Russia’s “near abroad” have led to claims in pro-Kremlin media of a Western conspiracy, the NYT’s Anton Troianovski notes.

From Axios

And, as far as the laws of simultaneity would allow, it was midnight in Greenwich, England.

Someday we'll reach true simultaneity—enter warp, and come out just where we want to be, at the same time.

Phenomena in nature stand to each other in two relations, that of simultaneity, and that of succession.

We have not a direct intuition of simultaneity, nor of the equality of two durations.

The qualitative problem of simultaneity is made to depend upon the quantitative problem of the measurement of time.


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