abbreviation for

  1. Singhalese.


/ sɪŋ /


  1. a title assumed by a Sikh when he becomes a full member of the community

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Word History and Origins

Origin of Singh.1

from Hindi, from Sanskrit sinhá a lion

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Example Sentences

He asked to borrow one of their uniforms, and when they staunchly refused, Singh realized that he had run out of all options.

When Singh finally showed up at the front door of his home in Amritsar, his family was overwhelmed with relief.

“In retrospect, I think we were both surprised,” recalled Singh.

The next evening, Singh was surprised when his train made an unscheduled stop at a small railway station near Bhopal.

“After my experiences in 1984, I felt that it was unsafe for me to live as a Sikh in India,” said Singh.

On the way homewards, we visited the observatory of the famous astronomer, Dey Singh.

Rajah Gholab Singh to be recognised as an independent sovereign over such territories as the British should make over to him.

By the end of June, Lalbir Singh had finished the inking of his previous surveys, and was ready for fresh work.

Gujjar Singh, with the plane-table, was detained by bad weather higher up the valley.

He stopped at the house of Lal Singh, the shoemaker, whom he found drowsing over his water pipe.





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