[ sing-guhl-dij-it ]


  1. of or denoting a percentage smaller than ten, especially with reference to rates below that level:

    single-digit rates of inflation.

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Example Sentences

The lone standout is Gallup, which for the past few weeks had shown a single-digit lead for Romney.

But in a world of low single-digit growth, that gap has to be closed by someone, and that someone is the proverbial workingman.

He was at or near the top of the GOP polls while mere "single-digit" candidates were being "touted."

At times it dwindled in alarming fashion: the thirty thousand often shrunk to a single digit.

This most useful quadruped belongs to the family Equid, distinguished by a single digit and hoof on each foot.

Lengthening a series by the addition of a single digit adds greatly to the difficulty.

It had seemed best to limit them to the prints of a single digit, and the thumb was selected.





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