/ ˈsɪŋɡəlz /

plural noun

  1. tennis badminton a match played with one person on each side

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Example Sentences

The song did indeed become an underground hit before hitting the mainstream, reaching No. 15 on the RB singles chart.

The straight-up fear of a world in which disco singles consistently topping the charts was the new normal.

To risk eye contact with any of the above is to forfeit all singles in your wallet.

Freestyle co-president Mark Borde says the film specifically targets the “underserved” Christian-singles community.

Words like ‘singles’ and ‘meet new people’ are prominent in the ads, as are pictures of laughing women.

I am a healthy normal subject, and recently won the lawn-tennis singles at our local tournament.

He always singles out one girl, however, and devotes himself to her, so we won't have any trouble on that score.

Mrs. Hillyard also carried off the Ladies' Singles, defeating Mrs. Pickering by two sets to love—6-2, 7-5.

Everything up to six counts properly; all over six count singles, except the picture cards, and most of them get you out.

Singles are also sometimes used for filling (that is, cross threads) in very thin fabrics.





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