[ singk ]
/ sɪŋk /

verb (used without object), sank [sangk] /sæŋk/ or, often, sunk [suhngk]; /sʌŋk/; sunk; sink·ing.

verb (used with object), sank [sangk] /sæŋk/ or, often, sunk [suhngk]; /sʌŋk/; sunk; sink·ing.


Idioms for sink

    sink one's teeth into,
    1. to bite deeply or vigorously.
    2. to do or enter into with great enthusiasm, concentration, conviction, etc.: to sink my teeth into solving the problem.

Origin of sink

First recorded before 1000; (verb) Middle English sinken, Old English sincan; cognate with Dutch zinken, German sinken, Old Norse sǫkkva, Gothic singkwan; (noun) late Middle English: “cesspool,” derivative of the verb

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British Dictionary definitions for sink

/ (sɪŋk) /

verb sinks, sinking, sank, sunk or sunken



informal (of a housing estate or school) deprived or having low standards of achievement

Derived forms of sink

sinkable, adjective

Word Origin for sink

Old English sincan; related to Old Norse sökkva to sink, Gothic siggan, Old High German sincan, Swedish sjunka
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Scientific definitions for sink

[ sĭngk ]

A part of the physical environment, or more generally any physical system, that absorbs some form of matter or energy. For example, a forest acts as a sink for carbon dioxide because it absorbs more of the gas in photosynthesis than it releases in respiration. Coral reefs are a long-lasting sink for carbon, which they sequester in their skeletons in the form of calcium carbonate.
  1. See playa.
  2. See sinkhole.
  3. A circular depression on the flank of a volcano, caused by the collapse of a volcanic wall.
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