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/ ˈsɪŋkɪŋ /


    1. a feeling in the stomach caused by hunger or uneasiness
    2. ( as modifier )

      a sinking feeling

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Example Sentences

Meanwhile, Russia is sinking ever deeper into its economic morass.

As Democrats mutter privately that their Senate majority is sinking beneath the waves, their leadership has sent out an SOS.

The U.S. and Russia are sinking billions into nuclear-capable bombers, missiles, and submarines.

While migrant ship tragedies at sea happen all too often, the latest sinking appears to have been no accident.

And you go on this boat because of all the hype and the commotion around it, and the boat is sinking.

It has come to this—that I open my newspaper every morning with a sinking heart, and usually I find little to console me.

Ney and Marmont did not accompany the other Commissioners with their sorrowful terms; like rats they left the sinking ship.

The air, motionless again, extraordinarily heated, hung in a dull and yet transparent curtain between them and the sinking sun.

There was no pain—apparently no disease; simply a sudden sinking of the vital powers.

The poor mother, in silence and sorrow, was sinking to the tomb far more rapidly than Jane imagined.





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